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AM Quick Sale


v.2.0.6 ALFA

  • Added SpecsTags (quick links for Specification).
  • Added the ability to customize product templates in content (in articles).

v.2.0.5 ALFA

  • Unlimited product images.
  • Fixed templates for lists of categories and products.

v.2.0.4 ALFA

  • Expanded plugin support.
  • Added a wishlist system (commercial).
  • Added a recently viewed system (commercial).
  • Added a related products system (commercial).
  • Added a filtering products by Specification (commercial).

v.2.0.3 ALFA

  • Improved product meta data.
  • Added selecting a canonical product category.

v.2.0.2 ALFA

  • Changed the list of orders and transactions.
  • Added grouping of products for each transaction in the order list.

v.2.0.1 ALFA

With this version, a complete overhaul of the AM Quick Sale package has started. We are planning to release the stable version with the number 2.2. Version 2.0 will be the alpha version of the package. Versions numbered 2.1 will be beta versions. Versions 2.2 will be considered stable already.

  • New routing.
  • Added shopping cart.
  • Manufacturers added.
  • Added product properties.
  • Added display of categories in the catalog.
  • Added adding images to categories.
  • Added selection of the canonical category when using multi-categories.
  • The page for orders (transactions) in the admin panel has been changed.