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The manual is in the stage of formation and translation!!!

(MPC) Music Player Component

Getting started with MPC

1 Installation

Install the MPC package on a Joomla site using the standard installation method from the admin area.

2 Configure MPC

MPC. Make component settings in Admin panel(backend) -> System -> Global Configuration -> MPC.

MPC - Payment PayPal. Configure settings in MPC payment plugins. Publish (enable) plugins! Extension -> Plugins -> MPC-Payment PayPal.

MPC Ajax Cart. Publish (enable) the MPC Ajax Cart module. Extensions -> Modules -> MPC Ajax Cart.

3 Content creation

Create categories, genres, etc. in the component. If you wish to use filters.

Create a new product (track) and upload the required files.

4 Creating menu items

Create a "Track list" menu item.

Create a "Shopping cart" menu item.

Deleting a package

To delete an MPC package, select only the item "MPC Package" and click "Delete".

Only in this case, the correct deletion of the entire package structure will occur. Namely: Music Player Component, MPC Ajax Cart module, MPC PayPal plugin. The component database and all folders and attached files.

Remember, when deleting, the "files" folder will be deleted. If you have not changed the folder settings, you will lose the previously downloaded media files.