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MPC (Music Player Component) (Joomla 3.x)

A component for selling author's music.

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Music Player Component - powerful multi-functional online audio player. Designed for musicians selling their music. It is suitable for both beatmaker sites selling their beats, samples, sets or one-shots, as well as for composers representing finished works in any direction. Creating your own online selling site in a matter of hours. Demo page.

The component is fully automated, all you need is the initial setup and downloading your music! Your buyer will receive the purchase immediately after payment. As soon as payment is received the component will send a letter to the buyer with a link to download. But also automatically returns to the download page.

The component has a fairly complete filter for finding tracks by Category, Genre, Instrument and Moods. The Status-Track filter filters by Free, For Sale, Sold and Bookmarks. Sorted in Descending and Ascending order: Date, Title, BPM and Star Rating. Text Search.

The built-in audio player plays tracks without stops and has a compact playlist view. Function of mixing, playing one composition and others.

Upload covers to your songs, share in social networks (facebook, twitter, vk, google +), comment (JComments) and star rate!

Built-in media manager that supports batch file downloads, greatly simplifies the work on filling the site and further administration. Upload, download, rename, preview images and control the size of files and folders. For Mp3 files, an HTML player is provided right in the manager.

There are up to five types of licenses for selling each song (for example: Lesing Right, Unlimite Right, Exclusive Right, etc.) Name them at your discretion.

The Ajax shopping cart included in the package and the plug-in PayPal gives you the opportunity to immediately launch your sales.

- Tested in PHP 7.2 and Joomla 3.8.13



  • Site side (frontend):
    • List of audio files with description:
      • Adaptive to all devices pattern.
      • Cover / image to audio.
      • Categories.
      • Genres.
      • Instruments.
      • Mood.
      • BPM.
      • Audio description.
      • Star rating.
      • Bookmarks/Favorites.
      • Share links in social:
        • Facebook.
        • Twitter.
        • VK.
        • Google +.
      • Integration with JComments.
      • Receive / download audio:
        • Free (FREE).
        • Pay (FOR SALE). Up to five types of licenses / prices for each audio.
        • Sold (SOLD).
    • Shopping Cart:
      • AJAX technology. Add / remove to cart without reloading the page.
    • Sort and filter audio:
      • Search by name and BPM.
      • Sort by name, BPM, date and rating.
      • Filter by category, genre, instrument, and mood.
    • Audio player:
      • HTML5 technology, Javascript.
      • Manage Start / Pause, Previous, Next.
      • Volume.
      • Repeat of list or single audio, shuffle.
      • Compact playlist.
      • Audio status:
        • Free (Download).
        • For sale (Buy).
        • Sold (Out of sales).
      • Pop-Up Notifications (PUSH).
    • Generation of PDF licenses for buyers. Based on your templates.
  • Admin side (backend):
    • Audio file list. Tracks
      • Uploading demo audio files, cover, files of sale.
      • Belonging to categories, genres, tools, moods (multi-lists).
      • Set BPM, prices, descriptions, status.
      • Meta Tags
    • Categories:
      • Create a list of categories. Nested lists.
    • Genres:
      • Create a list of genres. Nested lists.
    • Tools:
      • Create a list of tools.
    • Moods:
      • Create a mood list.
    • Transactions:
      • Sales records.
    • Contracts. License templates:
      • Create template for each of the five licenses.
    • Component Media Manager:
      • Uploads.
      • Downloads.
      • Rename.
      • Delete.


  • Joomla 3.
  • The presence of the component JComments.

Responsive layout
MPC Responsive Template

Additional Info

  • Extension type Component, Module, Plugin
  • Joomla v. v.3.4+
  • System name pkg_mpc
  • Version pkg_mpc.v.3.0.5 (stable), com_mpc.v.3.0.4 (stable), mod_mpc_cart.v.1.1.2 (stable), plg_mpc_paymentpaypal.v.1.1.3 (stable).
  • Language Russian, English
  • Receive Paid download
  • Purchase
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  • Last update Friday, 11 January 2019