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AM Quick Sale (Joomla 3.8-4)

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Fast file sale component

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AM Quick Sale It is a package consisting of a component and a plugin. In the bundle, they allow you to add to any content button selling files via PayPal. Your customers will be able to receive files immediately after payment. Also implemented a free download and donation.

The main advantage of AM Quick Sales is the ability to sell files not only to one seller, but also to his friends and family. Everyone with sufficient rights can upload and sell files making a profit in his PayPal account. Also, one user can have many different PayPal accounts.

All PayPal credentials (API Username, API Password and API Signature) are stored in encrypted form and are not available to other users even SuperUser. All your files are stored in a separate folder and are not available to other users.

AM Quick Sale - fast payment and instant download of files after payment.

- Tested PHP 7.2 and Joomla 3.8.8

  • PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Free download files / Donation.
  • Instant download.
  • Many different credentials of the sellers.
  • PayPal Data encryption.
  • File name encryption.
  • PayPal Sandbox and Live for each product.
  • Fixed and percent tax.
  • Logging for debugging.


Supported file types:
  • Audio: mp3, wav, wma, aac, ape, flac, ogg, etc.
  • Video: mp4, avi, mov, flv, mkv, mpg, mpeg, rmvb, etc.
  • Document: pdf, word, ppt, excel, etc.
  • Other: zip, rar, 7zip, psd, ai, etc.


  • "Australian Dollar" ="AUD"
  • "Brazilian Real" ="BRL"
  • "Canadian Dollar " ="CAD"
  • "Czech Koruna" ="CZK"
  • "Danish Krone" ="DKK"
  • "Euro" ="EUR"
  • "Hong Kong Dollar" ="HKD"
  • "Hungarian Forint" ="HUF"
  • "Israeli New Sheqel" ="ILS"
  • "Japanese Yen" ="JPY"
  • "Malaysian Ringgit" ="MYR"
  • "Mexican Peso" ="MXN"
  • "Norwegian Krone" ="NOK"
  • "New Zealand Dollar"="NZD"
  • "Philippine Peso" ="PHP"
  • "Polish Zloty" ="PLN"
  • "Pound Sterling" ="GBP"
  • "Russian Ruble" ="RUB"
  • "Singapore Dollar" ="SGD"
  • "Swedish Krona" ="SEK"
  • "Swiss Franc" ="CHF"
  • "Taiwan New Dollar" ="TWD"
  • "Thai Baht" ="THB"
  • "Turkish Lira" = "TRY"
  • "U.S. Dollar" ="USD"

Additional Info

  • Extension type Component, Plugin
  • Joomla v. v.3.4+, v.4a
  • System name com_amquicksale
  • Version v.1.1.1
  • Language Russian, English
  • Receive Paid download
  • Purchase
  • Last update Sunday, 10 February 2019