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AM Quick Sale - Online store (Joomla 3, 4)

AMQS Logo E-commerce package

AM Quick Sale box
This item is temporarily unavailable.
Beta testing coming soon

Demo shop


You need to quickly and urgently sell a product on your website and spend a minimum of your time. Try our free shop. All that is required from you is to fill in your individual data or the data of your store and create products. And on the same day you can invite your customers.

AM Quick Sale is a complete set that allows you to deploy a real online store on your Joomla site. And selling directly from the articles with one short line 'amqs id=x' can increase your profits several times, without losing a single client. The component is designed to sell both digital and physical products.

Paid and free downloads are available for digital products, and a list of delivery options for physical products. Multi-currency support allows you to sell products in the currency convenient for the buyer. As well as Multi categories, Multi sellers, user registration at checkout, product taxes, email alerts, etc.

And if you need more functionality, you can expand your store with additional extensions at any time.

AM Quick Sale - e-commerce package. Giving the opportunity to sell goods on the Internet for small or medium-sized businesses.


  • AM Quick Sale component/
  • PayPal payment plugin.
  • Content plugin for integrating products into materials.
  • - Tested PHP 7.2 and Joomla 3.9.2


Frontend Screenshots


Adaptive design with Grid/List switching

Adapt to any device - your store based on AM QUICK SALE will look attractive on any device. Whether it's a phone screen or a desktop monitor.

GRID - Compact product placement, used as a condensed view to embed as many blocks. Goods are placed left to right with a shift down. The description is hidden and appears when you hover over it.

LIST - Items are placed from top to bottom. Convenient view for viewing, no product will be overlooked by your buyers.

Switch the view with products without reloading the page. You can also set the default view in the component settings.

Top Bar
Grid And List View

Selling in articles

Selling in articles

Place purchase buttons directly in your articles with a short code and product ID.

short code - amqs id=x

Excellent opportunity to sell to small shops. Or if your product has a large multi-page description, add buttons on each page to increase the number of your sales.

Multi currency

Accept payments in a convenient currency for the buyer.

The component contains 'USD' as the 'Base currency'. You can create your own list of currencies that you want to use. Then change the 'Base currency'.

Very easy way to create the necessary currency. Specify the letter code (e.g. 'EUR'), the name (e.g. 'EURO') and the coefficient (relative to the 'Base currency' e.g. '0.87234').

in Addition, use the currency switching module AMQS Currency Switch.

Currency select list

Digital & Physical Goods

Digital and Physical goods

Digital - Upload and sell any files. Whether it's documents, programs, archives, images, music or video. Your customers will be able to download files immediately after Successful payment.

Or create a free downloading both in the materials and in the list of all products.

Physical - products delivery required. For this type of goods, the component provides for the creation of 'Shipping methods' in the admin panel of the site and the 'Shipping address' field when ordering.

After the purchase/sale of the seller and the buyer receive an email with the details of the operation. For digital goods, it is possible to limit the number of downloads per transaction and the lifetime of the download link.

Auto registration of users when ordering

In the component settings you can specify 'Purchase only for registered'. Therefore, in order not to miss a single buyer, it is possible to register on the fly, during ordering.

in Addition, you can set the 'Registration at will'.

Registration is done through the built-in COM USERS component in Joomla observing your site settings. Such as 'user Activation', 'Email notifications', etc.

Users auto registration

Product Taxes

Tax rates

For goods, you can specify the tax rate to be added to the price. To do this, specify how to calculate tax and value.

Fixed (+) - fixed amount in the currency of the goods.

Percentage (%) - calculates the percentage of the value of the goods and then summed.

Tax does not apply to shipping costs.

Shipping methods for physical goods

Ddeliver in a variety of ways.

To add shipping and cost, you need to create a 'Shipping method' in the 'Shipping' section. Then go to the desired 'Product'. Add 'Shipping method' to the 'Product' and specify the shipping cost.

The shipping cost will be added to the cost of the product and displayed in 'Total'.

Delivery (Shipping Methods)

Multi Sellers

Multi sellers

You can create as many sellers as you need for your business.

Each seller will have their own Name, Email, Payment details. In addition, when you remove the seller from the publication of his goods will be unavailable for purchase and will display a message.

Or just sell with your friends and family.

Multi categories

Assign as many categories as you need to products.

Any nesting level for categories - subcategory support.

Multi Categpries

PayPal Payment Plugin

PayPal payment

The AM Quick Sale Package includes the PayPal payment plugin.

The Plugin is based on USERNAME, PASSWORD, SIGNATURE your account in PayPal. Specify these three values and create multiple products to run your marketplace.

You don't have to put the entire store in test mode to test. Turn on 'Test mode' is only needed goods separately and specify test value the PayPal API 'Customize vendor'.

Email notifications

After successful sale you will receive an Email notification with the details of the transaction. If a delivery address is specified (for physical products) it will also be included in the letter.

For buyer this will be the details of the transaction and a link to the download page for digital goods.

Email Notifications
This extension will certainly be supported on Joomla 4, but only after the release of the stable version of the CMS.

amqs demo shop img link

Additional Info

  • Extension type Component
  • Joomla v. v.3
  • System name com_amquicksale
  • Version v.2.0.6
  • Language Russian
  • Receive Free download
  • Download
    This item is temporarily unavailable.
  • Last update Friday, 04 December 2020

Purchase guarantees

Secured payment
100% Secure Payments with bank сards, YooMoney, QIWI and others.
Official invoice
You'll receive an official invoice instantly in accordance with law 54-F3.
Instant download
Instant download after payment.