Web Development
What is ' Components'?

Joomla components are the main means of extending the functionality of the site and are a set of special scripts that perform a certain function on the site. Typically, components are displayed in the main part of the site, which is located between the sidebars. They contain an administrator panel to manage the settings and a user interface that is available to users of the site. The components in Joomla are forums, file archives, galleries, statistics collection, backup, etc. User management, partitioning, adding and displaying content are all part of the process.

What is ' Modules'?

Joomla modules are an additional tool to extend the functionality of any site. Basically, the main task of any module is to display the required information and add installed components on the site. They can be placed in any position of the site, provided the layout of the template. An example of the modules is the navigation menu, calendar, list of popular articles, etc.when you publish the module, you can specify in which position the site template and on which pages it will be displayed. In addition, most of the modules installed on the system can be copied and published several times with different parameters.

What is ' Plugins'?

Joomla plugins are small extensions that are focused on performing a certain function when a necessary event occurs in the system. For example, a visual site editor is a script that fires when an editor call event occurs in the system. As a rule, the main part of Joomla plugins are used for certain actions and manipulations over the content before displaying it.