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Basic Settings.

1. Player Title - The name of the album or playlist.

2. Player Description - Description of the album or playlist.

3. Playlist - Audio List.

4. Position of the player in the template - If you select 'Fixed', the player will always be displayed at the bottom of the browser window, regardless of the template. If set to 'In position', the player will be located in the position of the template in which it is located.

5. Playlist position - If you select 'Fixed', the playlist will be displayed over the template and occupy the entire height of the window. If set to 'Bottom,' the playlist will be shown under the player.

6. Show playlist - Playlist status on page load.

7. Volume - Select the initial volume of the player.

8. Replace Title - Replace or not the title tag in the head. If the 'yes' in the browser tab shows the track being played. When you stop the audio, the native header will return to its place. Tk title changes only at the start of audio on SEO does not affect.

9. Auto start audio - Play or not audio when the page loads.

10. Browser Alerts - "Push" If 'Yes' is enabled, when you change a track, a browser will appear with the name, image and address of the site. But provided that the browser allows notifications from your site.

Player - Set up a color scheme.

11. Header Background

12. Player Background

13. Button color

14. Player Text

15. Navigation Bar

16. Band lost

17. Preload bar

Playlist - Customize color scheme.

18. Playlist color

19. Playlist text

20. Background of the current track

21. Text of the current track

22. Hover Background (track)

23. Text on hover (track)