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logo amhtml5audio pro




  • Added support for listening to streaming radio.


  • Fixed bug. Close the fixed playlist.


  • Fixed bug if Joomla installed in no root directory.


  • Correction in language files.
  • Changed playlist list (Obsolete 'repeatable' replaced by 'subform').


In this version, the module is globally modified. If you did not make changes to the template in the previous versions. Then this update will not require any action. If you have changed the template and any module files, you will need to make changes again !!!


Update amhtml5audio pro v2 (joomla html audio mp3 player)


  • Global changes to all files!.
    • Template
    • Styles
    • Scripts
  • Added the ability to load multiple modules (AMHTML5AUDIO PRO) on one page.
  • Added highlighting of the current track if the player is not active.
  • Added display of the current track's time at boot.
  • Added buffering.
  • Added the spinner load indication.
  • Added audio visualization.
  • Customize the visualization.
  • Show / hide for any part of the player.
  • Selecting the default sort order.
  • Improved support for a mobile device.
  • Added filling space in HTML when the player is in the 'fixed' position.
  • IPhone / iPad initialization added.
  • and more...