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Little bug in AM LANG

carlos Extension support 683 2 18 March 2021 (15:20)

We have been using EasyLang for years and years (project is abandoned now), and we are really happy to discover AM LANG, that is alive, updated, and works perfect, and have more functionalities.

we have found a little bug that may be you can solve in future versiones.

There is a fantastic PageBuilder called SPPage builder, from Joomshaper.

If AMLANG is installed, you can not enter in EDIT MODE to modify your pages. Your plugin is working fine in VIEW MODE, and it works perfectly to translate this component pages.... but, in EDIT MODE all the page is BLANK.

You need to write an exception in your code to avoid AMLANG to be loaded when com_sppagebuilder is in EDIT mode.


Maxim R.
27 March 2021 (16:33)

Sorry, we were unable to reproduce the bug you pointed out! But we did our best to solve the problem.

We've added the ability to exclude URLs where our plugin doesn't need to work. Also added the ability to exclude addresses by URL requests (option, view, layout)

Test the plugin and let us know if your problem is solved?

Maxim R.
18 March 2021 (17:43)

Hello, thanks for a detailed description of the problem. Of course, we will pay attention to study this issue and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Since we ourselves use this plugin and are interested in its 100% performance.

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