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Plugin for multilingual sites

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The plugin allows you to add multilingual content in one article. The main difference from similar plug-ins is the ability to add multilingual content to article titles, modules, components, meta tags, descriptions, and even directly in the Joomla template.

In this way, you can implement whether or not to show content for a specific language or only show content for registered users.

  • Add multilingual content anywhere on the site (i.e. not only in the content), module, component or template.
  • it is Possible to add exceptions to certain languages.
  • Ability to show text only for registered users.
  • Standard install/uninstall and easy to use.


To start using:

Enable the plugin in Plugin Manager.


Example of use:
Replace the parentheses "()" with curly braces.
  • (lang en) text (/lang) Show only for English.
  • (lang !de) text (/lang) Do not show for German.
  • (lang *es) text (/lang) Show text for the Spanish and for registered users only.
This extension will certainly be supported on Joomla 4, but only after the release of the stable version of the CMS.

Additional Info

  • Extension type Plugin
  • Plugin group System
  • Joomla v. v.3
  • System name amlang
  • Version v.1.1.3
  • Language English
  • Receive Free download
  • Download
  • Last update Friday, 11 January 2019