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AMHTML5AUDIO PRO - Mp3 audio player for Joomla

Mp3 Audio player module with playlist and visualization for Joomla 3 and 4 (Pro version).


AMHTML5AUDIO This is an audio player module with a playlist and visualization.

The player has two types of display. Fixed at the bottom of the browser window and always remains in the visible part when scrolling the page. And standard, it is displayed in the position where it was located. The playlist is hidden and is called when the player button is pressed. Has a full-screen view that is convenient when used on different devices. Is able to display notifications in the browser when changing the track with its own image and track name. The track name in the browser tab. The module is extremely simple to use and does not require special knowledge.

Download the mp3 file to your server via FTP or any file manager and enter the path to it in a specific field. You can also specify the path to the third-party servers where the files are publicly available and have mp3 extensions.

Support for listening to streaming radio.

Unofficially recognized by users as the best audio player.

- Tested in PHP 7.4 and Joomla Joomla 3.10.1, Joomla 4.

DEMO See Lite



mp3 player for Joomla

Fixed player position

The fixed position allows you to freely view the pages of the site without losing control of the music.

The player will stick to the bottom of the screen and stay always in sight.

Fixed player position

Image for each track

Image for each track

Set a different image for each track.

Audio visualization

Customizable visualization in the form of an equalizer. The color scheme can vary as well as the number of stripes.

Audio visualization

Drag and drop list

Change the order of tracks by dragging

Changing the order of tracks in the module settings.

This extension will certainly be supported on Joomla 4, but only after the release of the stable version of the CMS.

Additional Info

  • Extension type Module
  • Joomla v. v.3, v.4
  • System name mod_amhtml5audio_pro
  • Version v.2.2.0
  • Language Russian, English, Slovenian
  • Receive Paid download
  • Purchase
  • Last update Saturday, 28 August 2021

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